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  • What is 5th Place ?
    The Losses make the Wins. 5th Place is a brand that represents under dog culture. In life we learn more from our mistakes then from our success. Here we highlight the journey up. In order to be great, you need to fail. Its all about how you learn from it, and bounce back is what really matters.
  • Why 5th and why not 1st ?
    What do you learn from winning ?
  • How can I join the studio collective ?
    If you are a local artist/creative and want to join a group of individuals that work together. Send your resume and portfolio over to
  • How long have you been doing this?
    Drew started 5th Place in 2013 and has grown from there to a studio. Also drew needs more time filling out this website. So come back in a week or two ill have a longer answer.
  • Where are you located?
    We’re in Downtown Albany, New York.
  • Why aren't you charging more for your products?
    All the work is done in house. With that being said, we at 5th are able to price stuff affordably while still maintaining high quality pieces for less. 5th is for the underdogs, we understand you work hard for your money. And so do we, its a mutual understanding. Therefore mutual pricing.
  • What if i got 5th place in a contest?
    If you are able to prove and show that you legit won 5th place. I got a special prize for you. Find a way to contact us. Lets see whose the 5irst to win ....
  • Can I get just one shirt made ?
    No, sorry, you can't order just one item printed. Screen printing involves a ton of set up work, and that is why we have minimums. If you need just a couple, look into "DTG Printing."
  • What is your minimum order size ?
    A minimum of 24 Pieces.
  • What if I don't even have artwork?
    No problem! Tell us your ideas and we can create it for you. We have several different graphic designers on staff.
  • How do I get my own custom apparel made ?
    In the Studio Services Tab, you are able to fill out a form for a Free Quote. If you are looking for something very specific and would like to schedule a time to talk, please email
  • How long does a Custom Apparel order take?
    After you give your payment for your order, we can then order the blank shirts or hoodies or whatever we need, and those generally arrive in 5 or 7 business days, though some items, especially some higher quality items, can take a week to get to us. Generally, orders are shipped out in two to three weeks, although it may take longer for very large, complicated orders, or orders requiring blank items that take a while to get to us. If you need rush delivery & production. Let us know and we will try and accommodate. Pricing subject to change.
  • What are the popular types of custom apparel products?
    Custom apparel refers to clothing items that are personalized or customized according to specific preferences, such as adding logos, designs, or text. It allows individuals or businesses to create unique and branded clothing pieces tailored to their needs.
  • Can you print on anything other than t-shirts?
    We can print on long sleeves, tote bags, hoodies and more. The list of screen printable items is vast so if there is something you're interested in that we haven't mentioned, don't hesitate to ask us about it.
  • How much does printing cost?
    It varies so much. It depends on how many you’re ordering and what the printing is like (just one color on the front only, versus two color front and three color back, etc) and what kind of shirt it is. There is no standard price. Get in touch with us for a custom price!
  • Can I come talk in person about my custom order ?
    Sure! Get in touch with the shop first to coordinate a time, but yes we'd love to have you check out the shop, and talk about your order in person. Text - 413-398-9149 Email -
  • Can you print over the seam or in weird locations ?
    Yes ! That's what we specialize in, we go where your average printer doesn't. Lets have fun and experiment, you have to be willing to accept misprints happen. Especially in those weird locations. Reach out lets talk about your project.
  • Do you print on Vintage clothes ?
    Yes, we enjoy printing on random pieces. Reach out for a quote today!
  • Can I provide my own shirts for 5th Place to print on?
    Yes, we're fine with that! We'll just charge you for the printing. But, we do need to know what brand/style shirts you are providing so that we can confirm they are able to be printed. Certain fabrics or cuts are not printable.
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