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Mission Statement is the above image.

If you want more detail about the brand.

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Why the name 5ifth Place?

 Everyone wants to be #1 so bad, but people never give the failure and the struggle any shine or light. We all learn from our mistakes.  You can only be greater by failing and learning how to pick up and move accordingly. The brand represents the underground. The name 5ifth Place is a play on words. I look to normalize failure and success. I make clean cut minimal relaxed street wear that anyone can wear at affordable prices. Seasonal Themed Drops.  Every collection will be a new/different idea. I create the designs, screenprint and embroid everything in house.

Everything I print is limited to that season. Once its over we move on to new things. 

Back History on the Brand.


5ifth Place began in 2013. Me and a friend of mine wanted to start our own brand. I  purchased us some screen printing equipment. Made some shirts in his moms garage. We caught wind of an event coming up, 6/21/13. A mutual homie was setting up the event. We asked for a booth. He let us in.


 We sold out that day. The response wasn't what we were expecting. As time went on the community kept asking when the brick and mortar store was opening. I figured Why not? There was no type of brand or store like the one we had in-visioned. A store that catered to the streetwear/hip-hop crowd. I grew up with all my homies having different hobbies and interest. There wasn't one location where you could discuss all the different cultures into one. A spot where everyone can mesh together & collaborate.

11/15/14 was the Grand Opening. We offered local clothing brands, vintage clothing, skateboards, vinyl, local art, footwear, obscure items from unknown companies. I was looking into products for the Bmx/Snow scene as well. You were able to rent the store for popups. Weekly we held a event. Open mic, producer night, art show etc. Our brand was printed in house. It was a underground boutique. At the time thrifting wasn't popular and a lot of the ideas we had were just a little too ahead of the time. You couldn't even post videos on Instagram. Social Media was a different world. Unfortunately my partner and I had different visions for the brand thus the store closed. 

5 years later. March/April 2019 im going through my unread messages in my old email (*first post on IG if you want to read the email). I came across one that gave me the spark to revamp the brand. Since then i have been back screen printing 5ifth Place along with other brands and businesses. 

Daily the brand grows.

5th over 1st.

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