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Adult Classes

Our screen printing classes at are designed to help you master the art of creating personalized t-shirts. With our skilled guidance, you'll learn the basics from start to finish.

Leaving with your own customized design. A one of a kind piece.

What We



What matters most is you will be leaving, with knowledge on how

all t-shirts are printed. Its fun seeing the whole process. Plus you get to do it yourself! With your own design!



We are creating art! Get ready to leave with ink all over your clothes. Some like that look, for those who dont. Wear clothes you dont mind getting dirty!


18+ Screen Print Classes

Learn screen printing fundamentals, including stencil creation, ink mixing, and printing on various surfaces. Discover different screens, inks, and substrates, and how to troubleshoot common printing issues. Gain skills to create screen prints at home or in a studio.


21+ Puff n Print

Just like a regular Screen Printing class. Except we smoke weed while you learn. This class is for 21+. Even though we are smoking and having fun. Please still come expecting to learn. Food & Beverage Provided.

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